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Speed Reading

I came across a website that provided an online Speed Reading Test. Most people I know generally know me to be a fast reader so I decided to take the test.

My results: 472 words per minute screen reading, at 82% comprehension, which the website says classifies me as a "good reader". Apparently the best readers can read at 700wpm at 85% comprehension, sounds tough =/

Try the quiz and post your results here.

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mikong said...

Damn I'm much slower than you. 294wpm screen reading at 100% comprehension. Though I have to admit I re-read some parts. I guess that makes me an above-average-almost-good-reader. hehehe

A good reader screen reads at 300wpm right? At 472wpm, I think that makes you a very good reader. :)

frank said...

my god, 289 wpm at 64% comprehension!! i'm like a grade-schooler!

guzeppe said...

664 wpm, 67% comprehension... not sure what that means.

trinity said...

214 wpm at 73% comperhension. If the article was Twilight or another feel-good novel, am sure i'm way faster and with better comprehension. :P