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Can Anyone Recommend a Phone

  • 3.2MP or better camera
  • good/easy to use music player
  • at least 2 GB storage more is better
  • prefer easy to use keypad / d-pad (ayaw ko ng may joystick)
  • the larger the display the better (at least 2.4" is preferred - same size display as my last phone)
  • Internet/HTML browsing is a plus - able to view PDFs or office docs easily
  • mura lang. j/k, bahala na ung budget but please don't tell me to get an IPhone, N96 or Xperia X1 unless you're willing to sponsor it :D
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Kristine Casas said...

How often did you view PDFs or office docs with your old phone?

Roy Tang said...

fairly often actually. pag may bibilhin ako, I keep spec sheets sa phone for quick reference. I kept magic card lists for new sets as word docs. and I actually did use it once to store a project tasklist :p

Kristine Casas said...

buy a really cheap phone + an ultraportable na lang. patwitter a.

Nokia E71. It has office applications and a free pdf viewer :p

Roy Tang said...

Ganito ba phone mo Bobs? I'm not sure if ok sakin ung QWERTY na phone, baka mamaya mahirap sa kamay ko ung maliit na buttons :p

Rommel Asibal said...

e71 looks really good. friend has one and seems happy.

Hehe nope hindi ganun phone ko. Pero yan ang gusto kong phone :p

Roy Tang said...

Around the same price din ung E71 sa N95 (1GB), which I think mas prefer ko if ever ganun karami ang spend ko ( http:// h/ cellphonegalore. asp ) I'll take it into consideration. Baka meron pang ibang suggestions? Preferably mas mura. Hirap maging kuripot :p