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Free Flex Shirt from Adobe

Free Flex T-Shirt from Adobe (my name is near the lower part of that F) Uploaded with the Flock Browser (Click to view full-size)

A while back I got an email telling me that Adobe was sending out free Flex T-Shirts to people who had contributed to Flex 3. I had reported a few bugs on Flex JIRA, apparently that was enough for me to get a free shirt! The picture here shows the back of the shirt, the front just has a small Adobe logo. The "Fx" is composed of names of the contributors; my name is near the lower end of the "F"

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mikong said...

The names are all blurred! You should upload a better pic.

KC said...

Ah, yes... the new shirt. I remember that he was trying to be subtle about it. Una, kunwari may question so he asked me to come over his seat. Since I didn't notice, he walked over sa JV area to parade his shirt. We eventually got the hint :P

Tago said...

Inggit! haha :D