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  • I’ve been busy at work so fell a bit behind with Django. Last night I worked on a WordPress importer, so that I could migrate posts from my current blog(s) into the Django-powered blog that I’m coding. I’m using BeautifulSoup to parse the WordPress export file and insert them as Django objects. Since I was running the script repeatedly, I had to figure out how to easily run it from the command line, without having to run it from inside manage.

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  • PTQ Kyoto I

    The PTQ was last Sunday, November 17 at Robinson’s Galleria. As per usual, I opened and registered a pretty good pool with 2 Battlegrace Angel and Tezzeret the Seeker. The pool I got passed to me and the deck I built below: Lands 1 Grixis Panorama 1 Naya Panorama 1 Plains 3 Swamp 5 Mountain 4 Forest Creatures 1 Skeletal Kathari 1 Viscera Dragger 1 Hell's Thunder 2 Hissing Iguanar 1 Jund Battlemage 1 Algae Gharial 1 Cavern Thoctar 1 Jungle Weaver 1 Manaplasm 1 Rhox Charger 1 Blood Cultist 1 Carrion Thrash 2 Goblin Deathraiders 1 Kresh the Bloodbraided 1 Rip-Clan Crasher Spells 1 Oblivion Ring 1 Resounding Silence 1 Skeletonize 1 Soul's Fire 1 Branching Bolt 1 Jund Charm 1 Obelisk of Grixis 1 Arcane Sanctum Sideboard 1 Angel's Herald 1 Ethersworn Canonist 1 Excommunicate 2 Knight of the Skyward Eye 1 Marble Chalice 1 Soul's Grace 1 Welkin Guide 1 Call to Heel 2 Cancel 1 Cloudheath Drake 2 Coma Veil 1 Jhessian Lookout 1 Outrider of Jhess 1 Resounding Wave 1 Sphinx's Herald 1 Vectis Silencers 1 Banewasp Affliction 2 Deathgreeter 1 Immortal Coil 1 Resounding Scream 1 Scavenger Drake 1 Shadowfeed 1 Shore Snapper 1 Bloodthorn Taunter 1 Exuberant Firestoker 1 Goblin Mountaineer 1 Incurable Ogre 1 Viashino Skeleton 1 Volcanic Submersion 1 Lush Growth 1 Resounding Roar 1 Soul's Might 1 Topan Ascetic 1 Carrion Thrash 1 Fire-Field Ogre 1 Kederekt Creeper 1 Kiss of the Amesha 1 Qasali Ambusher 1 Rakeclaw Gargantuan 1 Sigil Blessing 1 Waveskimmer Aven 1 Obelisk of Bant The pool had decent removal, but no big game-winning bombs.

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  • Drafting with Roy #1 (Triple Shards)

    Just kidding. I don’t have a draft cap or anything. I went drafting with our would-be GP Taipei contingent last November 12 (Wednesday). I actually almost never play sanctioned matches outside of the weekend tournaments, but I was a bit tired from work and wanted to blow off steam, so I went ahead to Robinson’s Galleria and waited a couple of hours for the 8-man draft to fill up. I opened with Cruel Ultimatum as my first pick, then got a couple of white weenies (Akrasan Squire and Sigiled Paladin) before getting a 4th-pick Agony Warp.

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  • Free Flex Shirt from Adobe

    Free Flex T-Shirt from Adobe (my name is near the lower part of that F) Uploaded with the <a href="">Flock Browser A while back I got an email telling me that Adobe was sending out free Flex T-Shirts to people who had contributed to Flex 3. I had reported a few bugs on Flex JIRA, apparently that was enough for me to get a free shirt!

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  • links for 2008-11-12

    Simple Search -- Gatherer -- Magic: The Gathering Beta version of the new Gatherer (tags: magicthegathering) BrowserPlus™ (tags: programming javascript web framework) Snackr: an RSS ticker for Windows/Mac/Linux built using Adobe AIR and Flex. (tags: flash software cool)
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  • GPT Taipei IV

    Tournament was last November 2 at Robinson’s Galleria. The format is Shards of Alara sealed. Because the store lacked tourney packs, the tournament was split into two halves; one half would get 1 tourney pack + 2 boosters, the other half would get 5 boosters. I played in the tourney pack half. My pool and decklist to follow. Basically, I played Naya again, splashing blue for (this is ridiculous) 2 Kederekt Leviathans!

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