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Playing with Generic Views and URLs

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“when redirecting, how can I make the redirect URL decoupled from the urls.py of the parent app?”

-> It turns out that HttpResponseRedirect supports relative paths, so this was fine.

return HttpResponseRedirect(“../” + str(post.id) + “/”)

I got the basic posting structure up.

/post/new/ -> To make new posts

/post// -> To view a single post

/post/all/ -> To view all posts

I should probably start thinking of a better url scheme. Ideally, I’d want the @login_required views to be indicated as such in the urls. Something like “/admin/post/” for new posts “/admin/manage/” for a screen to manage posts to differentiate it from a screen just to list them out.

Next I think I’ll try to CSS-ify the blog; I’ll probably just reuse stuff from one of the blogger templates as I’m still not very good with the HTML/CSS.

I’ll also look into using some of the date-based generic views to get an archive view. I’ll need more data though. Will consider importing from the WordPress blog.