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On a whim, my brother and I went to Trinoma to see Eagle Eye, barely catching the last full show (including the trailers of course, we love watching trailers). Our mom had said we'd like the movie and she still owed us one since it was her fault we watched Big Stan. So we're giving her a chance to redeem herself.

The spoilerless review:

Since Eagle Eye trailers seem to be everywhere, you probably have some idea of at least the start of the story. Jerry Shaw is an ordinary loser working at Copy Cabana when he comes into seven hundred fifty thousand dollars and a whole lot of terrorist hardware in his apartment, facilitated by a mysterious woman who contacts him via his cellphone. The FBI bust his apartment and suddenly he's a fugitive on the run for reasons unknown to him.

For me, the gauge of how good an action movie is how difficult it is for me to see how it ends. For Eagle Eye, it started out a bit slow, then became action-packed without explanation then got to the middle where the plot was developed, and by that point I thought I had a pretty good handle of where it was going. Except I was wrong. And towards the end of the movie there were a few moments of "Oh, so that's what it was for!" which was a pretty good indication. There was a bit of a cop out at the ending, but I guess that they want this to be a "feel-good" action movie so whatever.

If you're not yet tired of Shia Lebouf and his half-dorky antics, the movie's not a bad way to waste a couple of hours.

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