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  • HamSandwich.dec

    “Clearly Chris Woltereck was one of the best players in the room, and probably could have won the tournament with a ham sandwich.” – Gerry Thompson on Cruel Control winning the 25-Oct SCG 5k Standard Tournament
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  • django-tagging

    I wanted to add some basic tagging to my blog app so I tried out django-tagging. Unfortunately, the featured downloads on the Google Code site are quite out-of-date and would not work with Django 1.0, so I did a subversion checkout instead. If you’re getting an error like “ImportError: cannot import name parse_lookup”, then you need to get the source code from SVN. Adding the tagging to the blog was pretty easy:

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  • GPT Taipei II

    2nd Trial for Taipei was last Sunday, October 17 at Robinson’s Galleria. I open to register a very mediocre pool while the rest of the guys at my table open awesome pools with lots of bombs. “Gee, I hope we don’t keep this pool.” The judge comes over, rolls the dice and we keep our pools. Awkward. Lands 2 Crumbling Necropolis 9 Plains 1 Mountain 5 Forest Creatures 2 Akrasan Squire 1 Ranger of Eos 1 Rockcaster Platoon 1 Sighted-Caste Sorcerer 1 Sigiled Paladin 1 Yoked Plowbeast 1 Jund Battlemage 1 Ridge Rannet 1 Vithian Stinger 1 Cavern Thoctar 1 Court Archers 1 Drumhunter 1 Jungle Weaver 1 Wild Nacatl 1 Steward of Valeron 1 Woolly Thoctar Spells 1 Oblivion Ring 1 Magma Spray 1 Resounding Thunder 1 Sigil Blessing 1 Obelisk of Jund 1 Quietus Spike Sideboard 1 Angel's Herald 1 Angelsong 2 Dispeller's Capsule 1 Sunseed Nurturer 1 Call to Heel 2 Cathartic Adept 1 Coma Veil 1 Courier's Capsule 2 Jhessian Lookout 1 Kathari Screecher 1 Mindlock Orb 1 Outrider of Jhess 1 Spell Snip 1 Tortoise Formation 2 Blister Beetle 1 Bone Splinters 1 Dreg Reaver 1 Dregscape Zombie 1 Executioner's Capsule 1 Skeletal Kathari 1 Undead Leotau 1 Goblin Mountaineer 2 Lightning Talons 1 Thorn-Thrash Viashino 1 Thunder-Thrash Elder 1 Volcanic Submersion 2 Behemoth's Herald 1 Godtoucher 1 Sacellum Godspeaker 1 Savage Hunger 1 Soul's Might 1 Agony Warp 1 Blightning 1 Fire-Field Ogre 1 Hindering Light 1 Kederekt Creeper 1 Necrogenesis 1 Punish Ignorance 1 Sprouting Thrinax 1 Tidehollow Strix 1 Obelisk of Esper I guess I pretty much misbuilt the deck.

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  • Deployment Problems

    So I got a basic blog app up and running. Posting, paged archives, etc. Comments implemented using the django.contrib.comments. No problems here, the only caveat being most of the current documentation found by Google searches refer to the pre-1.0 version. Need to peruse the official docs for 1.0 stuff. RSS feeds implemented using django.contrib.syndication, this one seems fine. I tested it and it’s running fine on localhost. I also have a free django hosting account at http://bells-n-whistles.

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  • Philippine Airlines

    My dad asked me to help book a flight from Manila to Boracay for my uncle who would be a balikbayan this weekend. The rates at PAL were better, so we decided to book using their website. I did the search for the flights, booked the seats, input my uncle’s details, etc. When we got to the screen to input the credit card info, my dad went to call my uncle to confirm and to get his credit card.

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  • Imeem

    My brother pointed me to a new (to me at least) online music service called imeem. The website caught my interest for two reasons. It uses Adobe Flex, a technology which I’ve been using for the past year or so. Any Flex developer knows it’s Flex just by looking at the widgets. (Click to enlarge the screenshot!) The service allowed me to find an mp3 which I’ve never found before and have used as a benchmark for how good an mp3 search service is.

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  • Playing with Generic Views and URLs

    “when redirecting, how can I make the redirect URL decoupled from the of the parent app?” -> It turns out that HttpResponseRedirect supports relative paths, so this was fine. return HttpResponseRedirect("../" + str( + "/") I got the basic posting structure up. /post/new/ -> To make new posts /post// -> To view a single post /post/all/ -> To view all posts I should probably start thinking of a better url scheme.

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  • Starting out

    The quintessential app to learn from is of course a blog. Started using a simple Post model. Added the new post form and view. Can now successfully insert posts into the DB. Next: – create the detail page that will show the post after saving Figure out: – when redirecting, how can I make the redirect URL decoupled from the of the parent app? i.e. if the parent app has the following mapping:

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  • GPT Taipei I *Top8*

    I haven’t had a top eight result in a while. Thank goodness for limited season! I registered a deck that I would have loved to play, with highlights such as Caldera Hellion, 2 Oblivion Rings and 2 Resounding Thunders, plus a lot of good blue/black stuff. Of course, we pass the card pools and here’s the one I ended up playing: Lands 5 Plains 2 Island 1 Swamp 1 Mountain 5 Forest 1 Bant Panorama 1 Jund Panorama 1 Naya Panorama Creatures 1 Cavern Thoctar 1 Court Archers 1 Druid of the Anima 1 Mosstodon 1 Naya Battlemage 1 Broodmate Dragon 1 Deft Duelist 2 Qasali Ambusher 1 Stoic Angel 1 Waveskimmer Aven 1 Resounding Thunder 1 Guardians of Akrasa 1 Knight of the Skyward Eye 1 Sanctum Gargoyle 1 Sigiled Paladin Spells 1 Obelisk of Esper 1 Obelisk of Grixis 1 Infest 1 Bant Charm 1 Oblivion Ring 1 Resounding Silence 1 Scourglass Sideboard 1 Obelisk of Jund 1 Banewasp Affliction 1 Blister Beetle 1 Dregscape Zombie 1 Glaze Fiend 1 Onyx Goblet 1 Puppet Conjurer 1 Shadowfeed 1 Undead Leotau 1 Cancel 1 Coma Veil 1 Courier's Capsule 2 Fatestitcher 2 Jhessian Lookout 1 Outrider of Jhess 1 Sphinx's Herald 1 Behemoth's Herald 1 Cavern Thoctar 1 Cylian Elf 1 Gift of the Gargantuan 1 Godtoucher 1 Ooze Garden 1 Resounding Roar 1 Blightning 1 Carrion Thrash 1 Goblin Deathraiders 1 Prince of Thralls 1 Sangrite Surge 1 Sigil Blessing 1 Sprouting Thrinax 1 Swerve 1 Bloodpyre Elemental 1 Dragon Fodder 1 Dragon's Herald 1 Goblin Mountaineer 2 Lightning Talons 1 Ridge Rannet 2 Soul's Fire 1 Volcanic Submersion 1 Angelsong 1 Guardians of Akrasa 1 Welkin Guide 1 Yoked Plowbeast The exalted theme is pretty good and I was glad for a chance to try it out.

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  • Bayan DSL Proxy

    If you’ve been having trouble with Bayan DSL web connections to some websites (which we have for the past few weeks or so), you may be surprised to know that they have an HTTP proxy server you can use. Strange, considering that when reporting such problems to their trunkline, they never ask whether you’re using that proxy server or not. I don’t recall ever being told about it by the Bayan DSL staff.

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  • Eagle Eye

    On a whim, my brother and I went to Trinoma to see Eagle Eye, barely catching the last full show (including the trailers of course, we love watching trailers). Our mom had said we’d like the movie and she still owed us one since it was her fault we watched Big Stan. So we’re giving her a chance to redeem herself. The spoilerless review: Since Eagle Eye trailers seem to be everywhere, you probably have some idea of at least the start of the story.

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