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Pre-Alara Triple Treats: Kithkin

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Catching up on my tournament reports now:

Sep 7, Pre-Alara Triple Treat (Prerelease passes at stake)

I’m playing the same deck as I did in the GP Manila Day Two PTQs.

Round 1 vs 5-color merfolk: 2-0 win.

Round 2 vs Kithkin (mirror match) 0-2 loss. I generally don’t know how to play the mirror match.

Round 3 vs 5-color control: 1-2 loss. His build was too strong against Kithkin; in addition to Firespouts and Hallowed Burials, he also had Soul Snuffers.

Drop. Tournament record: 1-2-drop. This turned out to be a mistake, as I found out the following week that X-2 might have had a chance of winning prerelease passes.

Sep 14 Pre-Alara Triple Treat (Prerelease passes at stake)

I changed the sideboard, taking out the janky Pollen Lullabies and putting in 3 Knight of Meadowgrain to improve my creature battles in the mirror. I also went with +3 Kinsbaile Borderguard, -2 Order of Whiteclay, -1 Crib Swap to better fight mass removal.

Round 1 vs Kithkin (mirror match): 2-1 win. I basically just overloaded with Spectrals and Cloudgoats to take game 3.

Round 2 vs Faeries: 2-0 win. My opponent had what he called “the three-land curse” in game two and hardly put up a fight.

Round 3 vs Unknown deck (no notes): 2-0 win. I’ll update this if I figure it out.

Round 4 vs Switch with 5-color control (Quick and Toast): 2-1 win. Switch and I seem to play each other often if we’re in the same tournament. He won our practice games earlier, but this time I was serious :p

Round 5 vs Monogreen splashing red (Firespout) and black (Thoughtseize, Profane Command): 2-0 win.

Round 6 vs Faeries: 0-2 loss. I kept subpar hands both games. My opponent told me I should be boarding out the Cloudgoat Rangers. Is this true?

Round 7 vs Monoblack: 2-0 win. My opponent is a regular player and we often meet at tournaments, and I’ve borrowed cards from him in the past. One time we happened to be riding the same jeepney together, and he treated me to the jeepney fare, but jokingly said I should give him the win next time we meet in a tournament and I begged off of course. Lolz, lucky.

Tournament result: 5-2, enough for sixth place and a prerelease pass! Free Ajani Vengeant!

This is the end for Lorwyn block constructed!