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I was registering for an account at a local auction site (which shall remain nameless), the zip code combo box threw me off:

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Mon, Aug. 25, 2008, 2:07 p.m. / / blog / #software-development / 💬 3 / 23 words

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Bry said...

It's actually displaying the ZIP codes of locations in Quezon City in alphabetical order. I think the dev forgot to put the location name somewhere there e.g.

Alicia (1105)

Amihan (1102)

Apolonio Samson (1106)

and so on...

I'm still wondering how 801 got there, though.

Roy said...

Bakit alam mo ung alphabetical list of Quezon City locations :p

Bry said...

Googled "manila zip codes". First hit has ZIP codes per municipality, arranged by location alphabetically.

Wala lang... nakakabobo kasi pag-draft ng prototypes. Tinopak ako last week at linagay ko lahat ng country + country code sa mga country code dropdown list ng screens ko instead of just putting 5-10 country codes. Kaya yun, familiar yung pattern sa combo box sa pic sa taas.