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How A Coworker Thinks I Would Blog

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(02:25:57 PHT) Roy: do you really think I would be emo? :p

(02:27:14 PHT) Coworker”… i looked at the screen… it did not look back at me… why? why? why must it be this f***** way..”

(02:28:08 PHT) Coworker”… i pressed ctrl+b… the words did not become bold as i expected… instead, my data was lost when i save done… (sadness, grief… . despair)”

(02:28:16 PHT) Roy: hahaha

(02:28:22 PHT) Roy: feeling ko ikaw ung ganyan :p

(02:28:33 PHT) Roy: try mo ganyan magwrite ng bug report

(02:28:42 PHT) Coworkerhaha no way… just guessing anung pag-e-emo han mo sa blog mo

(02:28:53 PHT) Coworkeri can’t guess kasi in terms of writing code e

(02:29:01 PHT) Coworkerah alam ko na…

(02:29:37 PHT) Coworker“why does the tab key not work consistently… it’s equivalent to 2 spaces in one application… 4 in another… the inconsistencies! curses!”


Comment by noems on 2008-04-04 15:42:35 +0000

haha sabagay, ibahin mo lang yung bagsak ng buhok mo, medyo emo na. (at least

your hair from high school).

Comment by Roy on 2008-04-04 23:01:14 +0000

I don’t even remember what my hair looked like back then. :p