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Morningtide Release Event

Flight B, February 2, 2008, Saturday at Neutral Grounds Galleria. The format is LOR/MOR sealed.

I get my product and check it out. No outright bombs or cash rares, but I immediately spot the Drowner of Secrets + Merrow Commerce + 2 Stonybrook Schoolmasters. I had reasonable fliers and permission, so I built the blue-white deck. My only removal being a Weight of Conscience that I did not actually put in the maindeck.

My deck list (minus the sideboard, I wasn't able to list them up before mixing with other cards):

I'll edit this post later with the card list. For now, tourney report!

Round 1, game 1: His deck was something like black, red and white. I remember seeing a Shard Volley, Shriekmaw, Eyeblight's Ending, and a Nameless Inversion. Surprisingly, I still manage to get out Drowner + 2 Schoolmaster + Merrow Commerce. The first time I tap the Commerce to mill him, he asks me why I'm tapping the enchantment. I keep getting that question for the rest of the day. He reads the cards, and scoops.

Round 1, game 2: We both keep six-handers, but mine has a lot more gas. He's stuck on a single mountain and I'm attacking with a couple of dorks. He tries to stay alive by saccing his lone land to Shard Volley, but I have the Spellstutter Sprite.

We play an extra round for fun, but I still take it with damage, although he did put up more of a fight.

Round 2, game 1: I win by lib-death again. Needed only a single Schoolmaster this time.

Round 2, game 2: Turn four he plays Boldwyr Heavyweights. I search out and play Guile. He swings for eight. I topdeck Weight of Conscience. He manages to kill Guile (duh... Final Sting Faerie). I manage to draw him again.

Round 3, game 1: I overcommit the Drowner and the Schoolmaster + a couple of other guys, and he shows me an Incendiary Command. Feast of Footbottomgives him back some elves and I scoop to damage.

Round 3, game 2: We race about evenly, but then I swing with five creatures; he thinks he's only taking eight, but I show him the Swell of Courage for the win.

Round 3, game 3: My notes tell me I dealt no damage this game. I was basically behind all game, and I was at one when he drew the Incendiary Command again.

Round 4, game 1: My opponent asks the players on the adjacent table and ask if I'm really allowed to tap it for Drowner. They nod and look at the Drowner, the Schoolmaster and the Commerce and advise him to scoop.

Round 4, game 2: I was well in control here, locking down the board with Stonybrook Angler. He used a Warren Pilferers to champion into a Boggart Mob. I brought out Guile. He swings with mob, I figure if Guile blocks, he'll just get back the Mob with Pilferers and recast, wasting his mana. Guile blocks the Mob to kill it. Blunder -- I had forgotten he had a Shriekmaw in the yard, which he promptly gets to dispose of my Incarnation. I lose to the wave of goblins and quickly shuffle up for game 3.

Round 4, game 3: Anticlimactic, as he drew no gas and all lands while I was beating with 2 1/1s.

Final record: 3-1. Three packs as prize, plus the foil Earwig. Not a bad way to start off Limited this year.

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