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Tournament was at January 5 2008 in Robinson's Galleria. I only found out the day before, so I brought the only deck I had -- Mannequin.

Round 1: 0-2 loss vs UG Faeries

Round 2: 0-2 loss vs BGW Doran

Round 3: 2-0 win vs BW unknown deck

Round 4: 0-2 loss vs UG Faeries

Round 5: 0-2 loss vs BG Tarmorack

Ugh. Terrible way to start the year. My own fault for bringing an outdated version of Mannequin to the tournament without even any testing. The meta is heavily Faeries and Elves it seems, and I think the Faerie matchup is bad, as I've never won a round against it (or my build is too inefficient). Elves matchup should be managable since they don't have tempo on me, but I was playing so badly I even lost to BG Tarmorack which I used to consider a good matchup. BGW Doran is strong -- I played 3 more games with him after I lost the first 2, I think he got the elf/birds into Doran start 4 out of 5 games. My deck has no easy way to deal with Doran, except for mass blocking.

I'm thinking about building an entirely new deck now, and maybe actually do some testing (I just need to find people to test with... ) But if I were to keep going with Mannequin I think I need to try the Mind Stone build and lose the Grim Harvests. I also need more Pithing Needles as I keep randomly losing to manlands.

No Magic for me for the next two weeks though, due to personal matters. That means I miss the Morningtide prerelease -- the first time I'm missing a prerelease since Ravnica. I'll be back in time for the sneak peek...

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