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I was too tired to post over the weekend – too busy. But seeing as how this is a log, I need to note significant events that happened over the past weekend:

a. Saturday (Jan 12) – Younger brother got married. Had to give a best man toast. It went well, but I got hit by birdshit.

b. Sunday – early morning road trip to Batangas, for a paternal-side family reunion. One of my uncles had built a new retirement home here. That side of the family doesn’t get together often, so it’s a special event.

c. Sunday afternoon – trip back to Metro Manila, stop by the wake of one of my maternal-side uncles who passed away last Friday

d. Sunday evening – mad rush to get back home so we could go to Mass at 9 PM. We had time to eat a few sausage rolls at pizza hut.

The theme that kept running through my mind the whole weekend was “Family” – for obvious reasons. It amazed me how we went through a bunch of events encompassing a wide range of family affairs – marriage, retirement, even death. The only thing missing was a newborn kid (we get those on the maternal side every year though). It reminds me that no matter what part of life we’re going through – happiness or sorrow, we can always rely on family to stand beside us and be there with us.

I wish I had something more potent to say.