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Despite it's age, I've only recently gotten around to loving Advance Wars: Dual Strike on the DS. It's just the sort of game I enjoy: challenging enough not to bore me but not so difficult that I give up in frustration and has enough extras to keep me coming back. A bit of a learning curve though, and probably not for casual gamers. I beat the normal campaign last week (just barely -- winning on Day 28 of a 28-day target), and I'm hoping I can finish the hard campaign before the release of Advance Wars: Days of Ruin next week.

Also, I was getting bored with my desktop wallpaper so I decided to look for some AW:DS wallpaper, but the official site (linked above) had apparently shoved them off somewhere in favor of Advance Wars: Days of Ruin stuff. Instead, I called up the wayback machine to get the official wallpapers. I might as well offer them here, since wallpapers for the game are hard to find: Advance Wars: Dual Strike official wallpapers.

I ended up not using them after all though. My new desktop wallpaper is here.

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