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2008 December

  • Gaming in 2009

    I wanted to make a calendar of game release dates in 2009 (so I won't forget), but apparently details are sparse. The only games that I'm remotely interested in that already have release dates are: 20 Jan 2009: Mana Khemia: Student Alliance (PSP) Star Ocean: Second Evolution (PSP) 17 Feb 2009: Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride (NDS) Street Fighter IV (PS3) 17 Mar 2009: Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume (NDS) Unknown Release dates (2009): Dragon Quest IX (NDS) Suikoden Tierkreis (NDS) Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon (First Half 2009) (NDS) GTA: Chinatown Wars (NDS) Puzzle Quest: Galactrix

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    @altealice unfortunately my clever plan to stay awake until jan 2 has failed.

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  • Must reset my sleep cycle...soon.

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    @rocketkeis we have a stalemate

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    @rocketkeis can you buy me an iphone (16gb) first?

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    @rocketkeis you got a wii?

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  • Speed Reading

    I came across a website that provided an online Speed Reading Test. Most people I know generally know me to be a fast reader so I decided to take the test. My results: 472 words per minute screen reading, at 82% comprehension, which the website says classifies me as a "good reader". Apparently the best readers can read at 700wpm at 85% comprehension, sounds tough =/ Try the quiz and post your results here. Blogged with the Flock Browser Tags: internet-quiz
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  • Syntax Highlighting using Pygments

    My current blog app supports syntax highlighting in the blog posts, something I cribbed off Djangosnippet #119 One problem I encountered was that there was no quick visual reference for the styles available with pygments, so I wrote a short demo page here so that I could easily see the appearance of each syntax highlighting class. Of course, I haven't had a chance to use it in a post yet...
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    @rocketkeis that quiz is hard. I only got 14.

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  • Can Anyone Recommend a Phone

    3.2MP or better camera good/easy to use music player at least 2 GB storage more is better prefer easy to use keypad / d-pad (ayaw ko ng may joystick) the larger the display the better (at least 2.4" is preferred - same size display as my last phone) Internet/HTML browsing is a plus - able to view PDFs or office docs easily mura lang. j/k, bahala na ung budget but please don't tell me to get an IPhone, N96 or Xperia X1 unless you're willing to sponsor it :D
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  • PTQ Kyoto 2

    The last limited tournament of the season, it was last week, December 20 at Robinson's Galleria. The format was Shards of Alara sealed deck. For once, I opened a pretty good pool. Unfortunately, I failed to make the follow through. Decklist and (short) tournament report follows. Creatures 1 Sigiled Paladin 1 Welkin Guide 1 Viscera Dragger 1 Exuberant Firestoker 1 Predator Dragon 1 Ridge Rannet 1 Rockslide Elemental 1 Cylian Elf 1 Mosstodon 1 Mycoloth 1 Wild Nacatl 1 Bull Cerodon 1 Rip-Clan Crasher 1 Steward of Valeron Spells 2 Oblivion Ring 1 Resounding Silence 1 Dragon Fodder 1 Magma

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  • Why is it so hard to buy stuff

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  • Colophon 2008

    Frontend: All page templates are valid (X)HTML. However, I choose not to claim valid XHTML (and no doc type declaration) since I can't guarantee that blog posts I write are compliant! The site uses standard CSS and uses the Blueprint CSS Framework for the grid layout of the page. The site design is entirely original (if not simple and bland -- I'm not very good with website design yet!). The site has minor usage of JQuery Javascript library in some parts. Backend: The server side uses Python and Django behind mod_python on Apache, with a MySQL database. The following Django

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  • site update

    Previously I hosted two separate WordPress blogs on, the old one I've had since forever, and a separate one that discussed only magic related articles. It was a bit bothersome to have two WordPress installs though. Now that I've migrated to a Django backend, I decided to merge the blogs back into one. The blog now has the following sections/categories: Magic the Gathering -- for posts related to MTG Software Development -- for posts related to Software Development (hopefully I can write more about this topic) Gaming -- originally I didn't have this category, but looking at previous contents

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  • Transition to 2009

    Well, it's a bit early. But if you're reading this then I've successfully migrated the website to a new host. See you after the jump! Merry Christmas!
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    @altealice hilarious

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  • is merry xmas!

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