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  • I’m not sure why I keep trying to get the Ubuntu + XP dual boot thing working. I don’t really need it, I can do most of the things I want to do in XP. And I can’t really play games in Ubuntu (I don’t really want to bother with all the crap Wine puts you through). Still, every so often I’m hit with some sort of geek envy where I just want to have an Ubuntu installation handy so I can try out some cool stuff like Compiz or whatnot.

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  • Pack Rat Mentality

    Every year I do an end-of-year cleanup of my stuff. (I try to at least) Somehow there always seem to be so many CDs/DVDs/books/comics to sort up and shelf or sleeve or whatnot. I’m growing tired of it all. The other day I was planning to backup everything on my computer to DVD when I realized I was just adding more to the pile. I’m not sure if there’s any important reason to backup all the episodes I’ve been watching to DVD when I’ve already watched them all.

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  • Magic Stats! (And Year in Review)

    I believe that this year, I have managed to improve my Magic-playing a bit (despite the abundance of embarassing mistakes).I also believe I’m slightly better at Limited than I am at Constructed. TO back up these beliefs, I could point to my DCI ratings. But as a programmer who loves stats, I compiled additional stats for my own pleasure: My Playing Stats. A bit of background: I’ve been playing Magic on and off since Revised, but only gotten into the tournament scene seriously in 2006.

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  • The Importance of Having a Team

    A couple of weeks ago, just before the last PTQ of the season, I was thinking of quitting Magic. Not because I’m tired of it or anything, but because I’ve run out of people to play with. Unlike last year where we had enough players in the office to occasionally have an 8-man draft, this year most of the Magic players have either switched to WoW or moved to a different company/country.

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  • PTQ Kuala Lumpur #4

    The last qualifier in the Philippines, held last December 16. I wasn’t able to attend the Gold Rush the day before due to prior commitments, so this was my last tournament for the year. I opened a pool with a lot of removal: White 1 Hillcomber Giant 1 Judge of Currents 1 Kinsbaile Balloonist 1 Kinsbaile Skirmisher 1 Kithkin Greatheart 1 Kithkin Harbinger 2 Kithkin Healer 1 Lairwatch Giant 1 Sentry Oak 2 Springjack Knight Blue 1 Amoeboid Changeling 1 Aquitect's Will 2 Deeptread Merrow 1 Drowner of Secrets 1 Faerie Trickery 1 Familiar's Ruse 1 Merrow Reejerey 1 Mulldrifter 2 Ponder 1 Protective Bubble 1 Ringskipper 1 Whirlpool Whelm Black 1 Bog Hoodlums 1 Boggart Loggers 1 Colfenor's Plans 1 Dread 1 Exiled Boggart 1 Fodder Launch 2 Footbottom Feast 1 Hornet Harasser 1 Hunter of Eyeblights 1 Marsh Flitter 1 Prowess of the Fair 1 Scarred Vinebreeder 1 Skeletal Changeling 1 Spiderwig Boggart 1 Thieving Sprite 2 Weed Strangle Red 1 Adder-Staff Boggart 2 Axegrinder Giant 1 Blind-Spot Giant 1 Faultgrinder 1 Fire-Belly Changeling 2 Lash Out 1 Lowland Oaf 1 Rebellion of the Flamekin 2 Tar Pitcher Green 1 Briarhorn 1 Fertile Ground 1 Immaculate Magistrate 1 Kithkin Daggerdare 2 Lace with Moonglove 2 Lignify 2 Sylvan Echoes 1 Timber Protector 1 Warren-Scourge Elf 1 Woodland Changeling Others 1 Herbal Poultice 1 Moonglove Extract 1 Island 1 Shelldock Isle 1 Vivid Marsh I built some deck with Goblins and Giants:

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  • PTQ Kuala Lumpur #3

    Dec-2, Sunday. Lorwyn Sealed. The usual location of course, NG Galleria. I find your lack of socks… disturbing I played a couple MTGO drafts the day before but did not do very well, I hoped my luck would be better this time. But my day did not start very well as I found that I had forgotten to bring sleeves to the event. I had to buy some rough-backed Ultra Pros.

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  • Standard @ NG Galleria 24-Nov-2007

    Yeah, I post these late, I’m a busy man. But I want to have a record so here we go. Same deck as the last time , except I removed the 2 grim harvests from the board and put in +2 sudden death (to improve the pickles matchup) Round 1: My opponent had a BUw Mannequin deck, splashing for O-Ring and Blink. He obviously put the deck together at the last minute though.

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  • I Play Too Quickly

    The first step is admitting you have a problem. I’ve thrown away games because I played spells without thinking and attacked without thinking. I go on autopilot far too often. It has got to stop. What’s the preventive measure? I’ll count to 3 before making every decision.
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