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I still have no idea what to play for Lorwyn Standard, so I was eagerly awaiting this year’s States/Champs results. There are already partial results up at, and I had some time so I did some of my programming hocus-pocus and extracted some fun data. States / Champs 2007 Card Counts

The data is of course extracted from top eight decklists, so what we have here are literally the best decks this past weekend. Some interesting things to note:

  • Gaddock Teeg, or the lack thereof.
  • More Tarmagoyfs than mountains! (Although adding snow-covered mountains puts the red land back on top.)
  • Planeswalkers, from most to least: Garruk, Chandra, Liliana, Jace, Ajani
  • Best common creature: Llanowar Elves
  • Best uncommon creature: Shriekmaw
  • Best rare creature: Tarmogoyf

I like this data gathering thing, maybe more later.

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