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PTQ Kuala Lumpur #2

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Tournament was last Sunday, November 18. Format was Lorwyn Sealed.

I open a pretty good sealed pool this time. Notable cards include Mistbind Clique, Profane Command, Mulldrifter, Cloudgoat Ranger, Oblivion Ring, Shriekmaw and Silvergill Douser. Haven’t written up the sealed pool yet, will probably do so later. I play major blue, minor black and white.

Round 1: 2-0 win vs BG Goblin/Elf

Round 2: 2-0 win vs UB Faeries

Round 3 vs merfolk, things start getting interesting.

I’m about to win game 3 on my next attack phase as the opponent is at four life, I have a Pestermite and a Cloudgoat Ranger. However, thanks to his Drowner of Secrets and 4 other ‘folk, I’m down to 8 cards in the library, just enough to survive one more turn.

He draws his card for the turn and quickly says done with two cards in hand. He’s practically dead, so I wonder what he has up his sleeve; I fear removal and I’m sure to lose if I don’t kill him next turn so I decide to ensure the victory. End of turn, I play Mistbind Clique (planning to champion Turtleshell Changeling).

My opponent perks up, “wow, I might actually win this thing.” He taps all his lands and plays Broken Ambitions for some large amount I could not possibly play. I’m shocked at his play until I remember that Broken Ambitions actually has a clash ability that matters in this matchup. I frown as I flip Island, and my opponent flips Silvergill Douser. I never get past my next draw phase. :/

1-2 loss vs UW merfolk

Round 4: 2-0 win vs RB

Round 5: 2-0 win vs RB

I had some fun clashes in that last round. In one I flip Profane Command with my opponent at a very low life. “Oh come on! Put it at the bottom!” he jokes.

Wow, doing pretty well aren’t we? 4-1 going into the 6th round of a PTQ is pretty swell. One more win and I can draw into top eight…

Round 6 I get smashed in the face. 0-2 loss vs I don’t even remember what. The guy I fought here is well known as one of the better players around, he often top 8’s local tourneys, etc. I have played him maybe 4-5 times and I have never won against him. And it always seems to be a blowout too. Of course it’s all superstition, as I have on occasion been able to play evenly with other players who are also very good. I need to learn to improve my mental game so I don’t get rattled by specific players. Someday, I will beat him!

Standings are up before round 7. I’m not going to make it.

Round 7 1-2 loss vs GBu

Very awesome deck he had, playing 2 Nameless Inversions at least 3 Battlewand Oak, Profane Command, Dread, etc. I lost the deciding game due to being too aggressive. I had the Profane Command in hand and used it up early to take out a blocker so a random 1/1 and 2/2 could attack. I ended up regretting it later as I did not draw any other removal to handle his Aethersnipe and Oaks.

Bah, 4-3. At least it’s better than the last PTQ. And I finish 25th, still getting one booster pack! (Don’t remember what I got)

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