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Drama at the Manila Pen

I don't particularly care one way or another whether Gloria falls out of power or not. I suspect a lot of people don't. And a lot of people probably don't give a hoot about Trillianes either. I am however of the opinion that he is an idiot.

What exactly did he hope to accomplish yesterday anyway? The only difference between now and Oakwood a few years ago is that since then he's gotten the pity vote to actually be able to call himself a senator.

I suppose he thought he could be some sort of spark that could start some sort of neo-Edsa or whatnot. But he's not good enough for that. I like to think the Filipino people have gotten better at judging the BS coming from the mouth of politicians. Trillianes statements yesterday, full of arrogance and naked ambition, would not have sit well with many, no matter how simple-minded they think we are.

A Manila Penn guard interviewed on TV today summed it all up: "Naapektuhan lang ni Trillianes trabaho namin. Ang dami nyang hotel na nadaanan, bakit dito pa sya pumunta?" That's my general sentiment: "You're being troublesome. Go somewhere else."


There was a media segment during the live coverage where a reporter was describing the actions of the soldiers as they prepared to invade the hotel. He was telling everyone on live TV how the soldiers were hiding near the entrance of the hotel. Way to blow the operation details. What, are they thinking no one inside the hotel can watch television?

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jACK said...

Basta putanginang trillanes iyan! si robert reyes sana ituloy tuloy niya ang hunger strike niya.

mga hayup na yan! na curfew pa ako!