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I was in Galleria earlier today and suddenly the power went out for a few seconds. It came back up almost immediately, but of course everyone was a bit spooked given the recent bombings at Glorietta 2.

Even I felt a bit shaken up I might add, even considering cutting short the tournament (I wasn't doing well) I hate that. Being overcome by fear, even for a very short instant. Hopefully, the authorities would be able to find whoever was responsible for the recent bombings to make the rest of us feel safer.

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would that really make us feel safer? sometimes, we can't even be sure if the authorities have got the right group/person. or if they did,... its seldom that they can stop the next attack.

am not really the type to have angsts against the govt. but for me, i get my 'security' from somewhere/someone else.

Dunno, maybe not. But that's what I was thinking at that instant. Right now, they say it was a gas leak, and I find I don't particularly care. Also, there was an explosion at the Batasan and I think people shrug that off even more than the one at G2.

We're all getting so desensitized to this sort of stuff.