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Lorwyn -- Prerelease

Unfortunately, I didn't make it to the AM flights yesterdat, so I hung around Galleria for a few hours watching people play. A lot of people seemed to be playing blue or green stuff. There are people saying Needle Drop is good, what? Just because it cantrips?

My flight manages to start around 4 PM, and I open the sealed pool I'm registering. The first two rares I see are Jace Beleren and Chandra Nalar! Holy crap! It means of course, that I have to pass this pool. (That always happens when I get really good bombs) Anyway, I get a decent pool as well, with Austere Command (Wrath of God!), a foil Cryptic Command (not that I'd play it), and lots of removal. I ended up with the following WRb deck:

I went 3-1 with this sealed deck, a bit disappointed too coz I thought the pool was really good (I had a Wrath! Well, the Thundercloud Shaman also acted like a one-sided Wrath at one point) I lost to a blue black deck where I just kept getting dead land draws. One turn from losing to two black creatures with me having only one non-black blocker, I said, "I have so much removal in this deck, surely I will draw one now." And I did, I got Shriekmaw. :/ I'm always disappointed when I get my loss in a Pre-release, I haven't won a pre-release shirt since Time Spiral!

Anyway, the set is fun, the tribal implementation seems really good. (Not sure how it compares to Onslaught, I have no memory of Onslaught limited, although I'm sure we played it a bit back then as I have the cards to prove it). The Changelings are great; the more you have in your sealed pool, the stronger the pool becomes as you have more options. I was sad that I only got two shapeshifters. Clash is stupidly fun. You seldom win, but it's exciting! Surely Spikes won't like the mechanic, I guess it's more of a Timmy thing. Well, I guess it wasn't fun for that guy I fought who drew something like 12 or 14 cards of Hoarder's Greed. I just kept a land on top to keep him going. Yeah, I won that one

I wanted to play again today, but I wouldn't have gotten there in time I think. I hope we get more limited Lorwyn events. Since I'm probably not going to be buying a box this time around, I need to play more Limited to win/acquire cards until I have something decent for Constructed.