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Friday Night Magic

I played at an FNM for the first time last Friday, in a cramped room at the back of the Neutral Grounds in Galleria. It was definitely… different than the usual weekend tournaments. I mean people playing Rhox different. Asking whether equip costs needed to be paid every turn different. Not that I'm picking on noobs or anything; it was all fun and refreshing. Everything was a lot more casual than the highly competitive PTQs or GPTs.

I brought the Rakdos deck of course, seeing as how that was the only standard deck I had built for weeks now. I lost the first round to another burn deck (lost the race), but won the next 3 rounds to finish 3-1. Of course my tiebreaks were terrible, so I ended up fifth and winning only one booster pack. FNM is fun, but I don't know if I would do it again though.

One thing I love is my awesomeness at die rolls. In the last round, my opponent rolled a 20. I frowned at it; I hadn't won a die roll all day. I said, “kaya ko yan” (I can beat this) and rolled. Of course, I got a 20, then proceeded to win the tiebreak roll, and eventually won the match by having two Dark Confidants on the board flipping lands for two turns in succession. Better lucky than good, but my opponent must have been really frustrated.

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