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It's a bit strange, but somehow Hong Kong is becoming a bit familiar to me by now. This is only my third time here of course, and I've spent less than five weeks here in total since 2004. Still I find that certain things like ordering at restaurants and riding the MTR have started to become a bit more "normal" for me.

Originally when I was told that I would be staying in HK for two weeks, I was a bit depressed, as I didn't really enjoy the prolonged stay last time. Hong Kong is not a particularly exciting place for me as I'm not the sort of person who totally enjoys being either a tourist or a shopper, which are the usual reasons why people come to HK. I'm not planning to go to Disneyland or Ocean Park so when people ask what I plan to do during the weekend I just tell them the truth: I have no plans. Probably bum around.

The trip is more pleasant this time around, as I'm really at the starting end of a project and things are not so busy. Also, the place we are staying at now has free high-speed wi-fi internet connection, and I was able to borrow a laptop for my use during weekends, so I can goof off on the internet whenever I get bored. In times like these I really consider buying a laptop. Although, traveling once a year is not really a good reason to get one.

At the place we have been working at, there's this guy who speaks English in a way that is so obviously Filipino. Every country has it's own unique accent of English I suppose, so it's immediately obvious when someone is speaking English in a manner that you can easily grok.

As I type this, mentally I hear myself saying it with a Chinese accent, as is my tendency when hanging around people with strange accents too long. Probably my grasp of good English grammar is suffering a bit as well.

This was a random rant, thanks.

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noems said...

hey! nasa hongkong ka pa ba? if you're not after the parks and the shopping (specifically for clothes) edi go shopping for toys! :)

hanap ka nung dyecast (tama ba?) initial D na cars or transformers! or, kung ayaw mo bumili for you... bili ka for me at babayaran na lang kita. hehehe

went to HK last year 3 days work, another 2 days for leisure. i spent one whole day in disneyland and 1 whole day in Ocean Park. bad trip lang cause it was summer time, kaya grabe ang init sa park. ang hindi namin na visit, ung mga toy stores. :)