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Abundance and Scarcity

When at home or at the office, if I ever get a craving for something to snack on I can usually find some easily. At home I just go down to the kitchen and check the ref or the cupboards. At the office, there’s always the pantry or those people you know that usually store some snacks. If I need something, I can get it fairly easily. This is something of an abundance situation.

By contrast, for the two weeks I was in HK, I had no snacks. None at all. I literally ate only three meals a day and nothing more. Sometimes less. If I got hungry while staying at the hostel, it would be too troublesome to go out and buy some snacks. Breakfast would usually be just some bread that we’d buy at a bakeshop on the way to work. Dinner would be whatever fastfood we decided to eat at that day. There’s something of a scarcity mentality.

Obviously, I was able to survive just fine without snacks for two weeks, so why don’t I do that? Somehow I think eating more makes me more sleepy during the day, so i would benefit my productivity. I suppose that the abundance mentality makes me eat more even though I don’t need it. To store up for times of scarcity?

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