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Standard @ NG Galleria 02-Jun-2007

The saga of the mightiest deck in the universe continues. My previous outing showed me a solid control matchup and maybe 60% aggro matchup. I tweaked the sideboard to improve the aggro game post-board, dropping the useless Yixlid Jailers for 4 Last Gasps.

Here's how I did:

Round 1 2-0 win vs MGA

Round 2 0-2 loss vs RUW control (no angels)

Round 3 2-0 win vs RGW mid-range aggro (elephants/avalanche riders)

Round 4 2-1 win vs RW Boros aggro

Round 5 2-1 win vs RG Gruul aggro

Round 6 1-2 loss vs GW aggro

Round 7 0-2 loss vs RGW Zoo

The below stats are for both tournaments

total wins: 21

total losses: 13

win% ratio (total): 61%

wins vs aggro: 15

losses vs aggro: 10

win% ratio vs aggro: 60%

wins vs control: 6

losses vs control: 3

win% ratio vs control: 67%

Obviously, I did a lot worse than the previous tournament, as all my percentages dropped. Probably due to the fact that I actually went to work before going to the tournament (which meant I had a lot less sleep... ), I made too many bad plays in the first two losses. There's an article today on about how you should avoid racing aggro and avoid taking damage as much as possible... I think I basically violated every single principle in that article during those losing matches. Yes, even the lone control matchup -- I didn't kill a Hellkite thinking I would just race it with Korlash, but the Bust on his turn sealed my fate.

The GW aggro loss hurt -- I lost the last game because I was at three, he had a Saffi, all I had was a 9/9 Korlash with a Temporal Isolation on it and I didn't notice my opponent had a Vitu-ghazi and I thought I could survive one more turn with one life. If I had just taken out his Saffi with the Demonfire I had in hand instead of waiting to burn him to 0... I would have drawn a House Guard next turn, transmute for Tendrils, swing with Korlash, stack damage and cast Tendrils on Korlash for an 18-point life swing.

The round 6 loss really broke my spirit, I was in such a bad mental state that I played badly in the round 7 zoo matchup. Not that having perfectly tight play would have helped -- he had the zoo god draws both games, I was down to eight before I even had Damnation mana.

Lessons learned:

  • Never, ever try to race with damage. I may have bigger beats, but I'm usually behind on life. I should always take out threats until I can stabilize with Tendrils.
  • I need to become mentally stronger, so that play mistakes from previous losses don't affect succeeding games.

Seeing as how the local metagame is maybe 60-70% aggro, I'll also probably tweak the deck to make the maindeck stronger against aggro and move some of the control hate to the board.

Next stop: Regionals.

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