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Some Simple Electoral Reforms

  1. Ban the distribution of sample ballots and election paraphernalia on election day within the vicinity of voting precincts. Seriously, check out the amount of trash generated on election day near the precinct:

And I noted that the current level of trash is already an improvement from last year!

In Quezon City at least, the local government seems to have been able to keep people from plastering campaign posters all over the place (relatively), so banning campaign materials on election day should not be too much of a stretch.

  1. Disallow the usage of candidates’ nicknames for voting. If you are any kind of serious voter, you should at least bother to know your candidates’ full names!

I realize the above two “reforms” would at first glance make it difficult for voters when casting their ballots but that’s actually part of the point. I’m not sure that voting is _supposed _to be easy. The duty of each citizen is not only to vote, but to vote wisely and according to what he belives will be right for the country. You’re not supposed to rely on sample ballots or name recognition.

Sample ballots and nickname voting are crutches created to herd sheep into voting for people by name alone. Without these crutches, I’m hoping at least a few more people will be forced to think about the choices they make during election time. And that those who are too lazy to think get so put off by the needed effort that they don’t bother to vote. It’s our responsibility to vote, but if you’re not going to take it seriously, don’t bother!

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