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(edit 24-Dec-2008: Imported decklist from the wiki, removed the dead link below, anchor tag retained for posterity)

Bearing the deck I've named "the mightiest deck in the universe", I got the following results:

Round 1: 2-0 win vs UB Teferi control w Curse of the Cabal

Round 2: 1-2 loss vs BG aggro w 3 Persecute main

Round 3: 2-1 win vs RUW Angelfire

Round 4: 1-2 loss vs WG aggro

Round 5: 2-0 win vs UG Simictron

Round 6: 2-0 win vs RG Gruul

Round 7: 2-0 win vs MGA (splash R and W for sideboard stuff daw)

total wins: 12

total losses: 5

win% ratio (total): 70%

wins vs aggro: 6

losses vs aggro: 4

win% ratio vs aggro: 60%

wins vs control: 6

losses vs control: 1

win% ratio vs control: 85%

My play was a lot tighter this time, making fewer play mistakes. I love playing with a decklist that I put together myself, as it means I'm extremely familiar with the synergies involved. My sideboard was pretty weak this time though, as I gave in to "the fear" and most of my board was dedicated hate against dragonstorm and narco-bridge combo decks.

Still, I like the deck, it's fun, and it can occasionally come back from 18-to-1 life deficits to win the game in one turn. I'll probably play this before regionals, but my work sched will probably prevent me from playing it in any other Saturday events until then.

Sun, May 27, 2007, 4:58 p.m. / / blog / #mtg / Location: Robinsons Galleria / 289 words

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