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Elections 2k7

I still don't know how I am voting on Monday.

Or even if I am voting at all.

I'm thinking of voting for those 3 guys from Kapatiran, simply to reward the sheer chutzpah of their candidacies.

The GO and TU coalitions seem largely irrelevant to me, you can be fairly sure those coalitions won't mean squat after the elections, so all these surveys keeping score of administration vs opposition seem a bit useless. I'm no lover of the GMA administration, but the opposition's offerings don't leave a very good taste in the mouth either. I'd much rather bring in new blood, non-politicians like the Kapatiran guys.

Or maybe I should just go with the recent ads that have appeared exhorting people to boycott the senatorial slots altogether?

This election seems so... bleah.

Although I should note, I think AGHAM party list is a good idea.

At least the mayoral elections in Quezon City are a no-brainer.

May 12, 2007, 2:33 p.m. / / blog / #philippines / 157 words

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