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if you've ever lived in the Philippines during the summer months, you're well aware of the sweltering heat. Not being in the mood to feel like french toast during this Sunday noontime, my brothers and I decided to troop to the nearby mall and catch a movie -- in this case the return of those childhood stalwarts the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to the big screen.

Now, as my youngest brother asked, what were we doing there? TMNT is a kids' movie right? Yeah, more or less I suppose, but all of us brothers saw the first 3 live-action Turtles movies, played the NES game with the annoying dam sequence and watched not just a few episodes of the cartoon series. Thankfully, none of us had any Turtles jammies.

Anyway, yeah we saw the movie. Before I saw the trailer about a month back I actually thought it was gonna be another live-action thing. The animation is ok, the turtles look less brutish than before and it's action-packed as expected. As expected, Leo tries hard to be a leader, Mikey provides the comedy, Raph is the serious brooding one, and Donatello provides the tech support (literally). It's no high art, but it's entertaining enough, but it's pretty much the equivalent of watching a multi-part episode of the TV series. The turtles have a spat, they kick some ass, extradimensional monsters appear, the turtles kick some more ass, etc.

I hear that the movie is selling quite well in the States. Not so much here though, as the theater was maybe 50% full at best, and on a Sunday afternoon at that.

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