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Future Sight Prerelease

A bit lazy today, just a quick summary.

As usual for a prerelease, lots of people at NG yesterday. I got there before Galleria opened and whiled away time on the DS. The NG staff was a lot more efficient today, they were able to start the first 3 flights as early as 10:30. I got on flight C, and proceeded to open one of the most mediocre card pools I've ever seen. I quickly judge that the best synergies among my cards were (a) six black removal spells and (b) I have a lot of thallid cards (gernimator, sporesower, deathspore, and the new 5cc 4/4 guy from FS). I ruled out the blue/white evasion strategy despite having a decent number of fliers, since I hate going without removal. So I assembled my no-bombs deck, of course calling it "Deathspore Thallid Go!" as my officemates would have wanted.

I won the first two rounds and was well on my way to winning round 3 when my opponent suddenly cast a Dragonstorm into Scourge of Kher Ridges in game 2, allowing him to wipe my board away. He tries the same thing in game 3, but I manage to take out the Dragon with a Tendrils and an Ichor Slick. That causes me to go into topdeck mode though, and he quickly lays down a swarm to overwhelm me. Round 4 I almost lot to a sliver deck, but it seems my opponent was not aware that Firewake Sliver gives haste... he could have easily pumped his 4/4 flying Gemhide (thanks to Griffin Guide and graft) for lethal damage, but missed the chance.

So, my finish is again 3-1, same as the PLC pre-release. My overall record for Time Spiral block is 10-2, not bad I suppose.

My opinions on Future Sight? My deck was almost 80% TSP anyway, so it's hard to say. In general red seems pretty good in the set, getting some decent burn in the form of Ghostfire. As for creatures, Gathan Raiders, as I expected, are quite good; that 1/1 that suspends itself when it dies is a bit annoying, Grandeur is useless in limited, and yes, Angel of Slavation and that Scourge of Kher Ridges are pretty much bombs.

There should be one or more TSP limited events over the next two weeks... I hope I can open decent cards the next time around...

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