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Down Cycles

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No matter how much of an optimist I am, I have to admit all people will have down cycles. The last few days seem to be one of mine.

Health-wise: My stomach has been in a rebellious mood for the past three or four days, I actually went to work with a fever last Friday. Also, it seems my blood pressure was a bit high since yesterday. I’m thinking about going in for a checkup within the next week or so, depending on how my condition changes.

Work-wise: Annoying problems which we’ve been trying to solve for the past few weeks seem to be snowballing into a critical mass that threatens to derail the current project. I feel so guilty here because at least one of those problems were caused by some really bad design decisions I made early on in the project. Ah, the pitfalls of being a rookie technical lead…

Well, now that I’ve written this stuff down, I guess it isn’t so bad. Work is work, whatever happens won’t kill me. The health stuff might, but I’ve never let it get me down before, why start now?