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Due to pressing work concerns, I was unable to go to confession for Holy Week this year. So much for being a devout Catholic.

As is tradition, most of the long weekend was spent watching a whole lot of stuff:


  • I've been keeping pace with the episodes so far. The thing about 24: people die. A lot of them. And amazingly, Jack Bauer gets off every single time. They should have a season where Jack Bauer dies around episode ten or something (or at least gets hospitalized and taken out of the game) That would shock people. Still a very entertaining show.


  • still need to watch the latest episode (18), luckily they decided to take a break so I can catch up. Heroes started out strong and with solid writing, but the plots and subplots started to get a bit messy after Peter saved Clair. It looks like they're finally getting on track again these last few episodes though.

One Piece

  • I finally caught up toΒ Kaizoku Fansubs, having started watching One Piece from the very beginning last January. I had to skip most of the fillers though to catch up. And from the pirated DVDs I've seen in some stores, there's probably some other group subbing One Piece that are already at least eighty episodes ahead of KF. That being said, I think I'll follow their pace for now, as their subbing is of really good quality. One Piece is an awesome series and continues to be entertaining. The best arc in the series so far has been the Alabasta arc, and I'm looking forward to Movie 7 which supposedly covers this arc.


  • a new series that people at the office got to know from Jump Ultimate Stars for the NDS. It's mostly a parody/comedic anime, often breaking the fourth wall and using a lot of puns, references, toilet humor and visual gags. There are some really funny bits that made me laugh out loud, but it's a bit of hit-or-miss unlike, say, Excel Saga, which would have me laughing a good 70-80% of the time.

As I said, uneventful.

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noemi said...

namatay naman si Jack ah,... for a few minutes nga lang. hehe db? the season when david palmer was assassinated?

i like Heroes. sayang ung nabili ko na pirated hanggang ep 17 lang, pero i was able to watch ep 18 on dailymotion. you should check out the official website also, to see the interactive novels/comics. ganda. plus it gives the story more meaning.

have you seen Prison Break? the first time my heart pounded from the suspense was while watching Runaway Jury. surprisingly, that happened to me as well while watching Prison Break, well at least with the first 12 eps i think.

Roy said...

Despite having a copy of the entire first season of Prison Break in the house since last year, I have yet to watch a single episode. I don't have time to marathon it.

Funny stuff takes priority (usually anime) before serious stuff. And 24 > Heroes > Prison Break, so last priority sya hehe.

peng said...

i've stopped watching heroes. too slow for my low eq.

i don't see how they are going to defeat sylar if peter does not stop being such a wuss.