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Down Cycles

No matter how much of an optimist I am, I have to admit all people will have down cycles. The last few days seem to be one of mine. Health-wise: My stomach has been in a rebellious mood for the past three or four days, I actually went to work with a fever last Friday. Also, it seems my blood pressure was a bit high since yesterday. I'm thinking about going in for a checkup within the next week or so, depending on how my condition changes.

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Future Sight Prerelease

A bit lazy today, just a quick summary. As usual for a prerelease, lots of people at NG yesterday. I got there before Galleria opened and whiled away time on the DS. The NG staff was a lot more efficient today, they were able to start the first 3 flights as early as 10:30. I got on flight C, and proceeded to open one of the most mediocre card pools I've ever seen.

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I Should Stup Sucking on MTGO

I scrubbed out of the last 3 TSP-TSP-PLC drafts, how annoying. :/ I tend to make bad plays at the worst possible time, and also don't mulligan very well. If I'm not good at it, I suppose I should stop. Maybe I'll get better once Future Sight comes out.
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links for 2007-04-15

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At work, especially during assessment time, they often ask me if I have any concerns or needs or suggestions that I want to raise to management. And I never have any answers. So I thought about it today, and I realized why I seldom have complaints: I'm a simple person. It doesn't take much to make me happy, and I figure I'm already ahead of the curve anyway. I have a fairly good paycheck, I like my job (more or less), I like the people I work with, and they recognize and respect me for my contributions.

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An Uneventful Holy Week

Due to pressing work concerns, I was unable to go to confession for Holy Week this year. So much for being a devout Catholic. As is tradition, most of the long weekend was spent watching a whole lot of stuff: 24 – I've been keeping pace with the episodes so far. The thing about 24: people die. A lot of them. And amazingly, Jack Bauer gets off every single time. They should have a season where Jack Bauer dies around episode ten or something (or at least gets hospitalized and taken out of the game) That would shock people.

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I obviously don't have much time for gaming if it takes me more than a month to finish a “simple” choose-your-own-adventure style game like Phoenix Wright. Very entertaining game, it puts you in the shoes of a novice defense attorney, Phoenix Wright and your adventures in trying to uncover the truth behind several murder cases. The gameplay is composed of two parts: investigative sequences where you go around various locations gathering information and evidence, and the actual trial part where you have to spot contradictions in witness testimonies and prove your clients to be innocent.

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if you've ever lived in the Philippines during the summer months, you're well aware of the sweltering heat. Not being in the mood to feel like french toast during this Sunday noontime, my brothers and I decided to troop to the nearby mall and catch a movie – in this case the return of those childhood stalwarts the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to the big screen. Now, as my youngest brother asked, what were we doing there?

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