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The Miracle PC

My computer died last night, refusing to boot. Ubuntu would complain of being unable to read the root filesystem. Windows XP would say that there’s a corrupted DLL. I immediately arranged to borrow both an Ubuntu LiveCD and a Windows XP install disk the next day to help check the problem.

When I got home today, the computer had been miraculously fixed. My brother said he’d been using it no problem.

I knew before that the internet had the capacity to heal itself. I’m surprised my PC also this capacity.

I have no idea if I need to do any sort of diagnostics on this machine.

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Scan for malware perhaps? Sounds like something was trying to hide a dll and the boot sector from the OS to me - of course I could just be paranoid.

Nah, I found it really it was bad memory. (The mem test that came with Ubuntu really helped)

I removed one of the 256MB pieces and Ubuntu works fine now (although I now have only 256MB of memory left). Windows XP cannot boot at all, I guess one of the files really did become corrupted. So I'm now a 100% linux user (at least for the PC in my room)