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State of the Gaming -- February 2007

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List of games I’m planning (or want) to play:

  1. Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney (NDS – In progress)

  2. Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (NDS)

  3. Phoenix Wright, Justice for All (NDS)

  4. Final Fantasy VI Advance (GBA)

  5. Everything on the Top 20 Indie Adventure Games list.

Too many games I want to play and not enough time… the story of every gamer-turned-working-man I suppose. Most of my gaming is done on the NDS these days, though I wish it had even more good games (When is Phantom Hourglass coming out anyway?)

At work, there are two groups of gamers who bring portables, one is the NDS group, the other is the PSP group. Currently, there are more NDS gamers, but not by much. Everything is friendly, and every so often the NDS group ribs the PSP group about getting NDS because they’re so much better, and of course the ribbing goes both ways. I think the PSP is nice, but it’s still expensive (twice as much as NDS), and the games are more “eye-candy” type than I’d like. NDS games are fun and innovative, while the PSP games feel like they just want you to play PS2 games on a handheld, and I’m not terribly excited by PS2 games anymore. (Of course, the announcement of a Final Fantasy Tactics port for the PSP really makes me green with envy… )

Actually, the feature that would make me want to get a PSP is that you can watch videos on a decently-sized widescreen handheld. I can watch videos on my NDS as well, but the resolution isn’t as good.

As for PC gaming, well, I don’t find anything terribly exciting on that front. In fact, I cancelled my WoW subscription today, since everyone at home is too busy to play nowadays. (Will probably reactivate it around summer so my brother can get some Burning Crusade goodness)