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I upgraded my Kubuntu Linux installation to Edgy Eft during the Christmas break. Some notes:

  • Why can’t there be a one-click install? You know, some pop-up alert bubble in the corner saying “A new version of Kubuntu is available.” I don’t see why the user needs to edit the sources.list file, do the apt-get stuff, etc., when all of this can basically be automated away.

  • Except for one thing, I can do everything I need to do using Kubuntu instead of using Windows. Unfortunately, that one thing I cannot do is something that I do a lot: gaming. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure gamers drive a huge portion of the desktop market. I boldly predict that desktop Linux will not be able to be a serious challenge to Windows until it can provide some sort of alternative gaming platform.

  • I was thinking about using Kubuntu continuously for about a week, just to see how it would be, and also to see if it’s as stable as they make it out to be. Unfortunately, for some reason booting into Kubuntu now deprives me of internet. I’d fix it, but somehow it doesn’t seem worth the trouble. So, as of now, I’m quitting using Linux indefinitely. (I’ll miss the bash shell though.)

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