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The Next Generation of FAQs

Something I didn’t expect from the Youtube phenomenon: apparently, FAQ writers can now link to instructional videos for difficult to describe game walkthroughs. If you don’t have any idea what I mean, an “FAQ” is a document that helps someone to do a particular thing by providing answers to Frequently Asked Questions. In my case, I most often read FAQs for video games to help through the difficult spots, usually from GameFAQs. (Prideful Disclaimer Note: I usually only look for FAQs after I’ve finished a game once, so I can see what stuff I’ve missed… Final Fantasy XII is the first FF game I’m playing for which I’ve looked at an FAQ before completing it… it’s because I’m old and don’t have much time to dick around =p)

Here’s an example I found while trying to find out where the White Mousse mark in Final Fantasy XII is: FF12 White Mousse Location on Youtube

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