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The More They Stay The Same

One of the difficult things about my three-week sojourn is that I had almost no internet access; the one internet terminal we could use at the site was unbearably slow, and even when it was free, it was hard to slack off reading Slashdot when there were several other people busily working nearby.

Being without internet is like living under a rock apparently; you have no idea what’s going on in the world. So I needed to catch up to about three weeks worth of news and blog posts, missed downloads, episodes, etc. Conveniently, I just marked as read all Slashdot and Boing-Boing posts in Bloglines hehe

Unlike the online world where things are ever-changing and skipping out for three weeks might mean missing the next big thing, life in the Philippines seems to continue to stay the same. It’s still quite hot despite the Christmas season; the temperature difference was obvious as soon as the plane doors opened. Apparently our local politicians did something stupid and people got angry and wanted to go protest. These are of course the same politicians who do stupid things all the time, and also the same people who like to go to protests all the time.

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