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Magic: 2006 Gold Rush

I made it back to the country just two days before the last big Standard event of 2007, and I had no deck ready.

On Saturday morning, I quickly cobbled together a RGB off the obvious theme of hating Islands. Minor land destruction theme (4 Cryoclasm, 4 Mwonvuli Acid-Moss), Elephant and Solifuge beats and always going for the Demonfire finish. The black was in the main only for Hit // Run, my answer to Akroma and Bogardan Hellkite. Sideboarded Nightmare Void against control.

Ridiculously huge turnout, over two hundred people participated, meaning the event would play out for a total of nine rounds. I got my fourth loss in the seventh round, after a ridiculous string of bad draws that led me to mulligan down to four and keeping a no-land hand. After this, I dropped out of the event, damn tired after having to endure one and a half hour rounds. This was already at 9pm.

I don’t have any detailed report, as I was still really sleepy, having had little sleep since flying back from Hong Kong. Some highlights:

– Maindeck Cryoclasms are great, I never faced any opponent where it wasn’t relevant.

– Round 5 I played and beat National Champion JT Porter, playing a UB control deck with Teferi and Dralnu. I didn’t get it either, but he put up a good fight, losing when he miscalculated and did not have enough mana to use Mystical Teachings to search for the Commandeer that would push away the lethal Demonfire.

– Round 6 I played another high-ranked local player, Ogie Jaro playing Martyr-Torn. I won game one on the back of fast aggro and Hit on a Chronosavant, but didn’t see the Martyrs until game 2, where he ended the game at 95 life. Round 3 I had the Rain of Gore in the opening hand, managing to play it on turn two, stopping his combo. However, I failed to draw any more meaningful spells, instead drawing into a ton of lands. Two 1/1s finished me off. He played incredibly well, never taking the bad draw for granted. He played a Wrath when I only had an elf and a bird, and he had 2 1/1s and a Chronosavant, just to stop me from getting to lethal Demonfire mana.

– If your opponent is playing WG, always side in the Krosan Grips, at the very least you will get a Glare. And you might even take out that Worship that you weren’t expecting.

– I plan to put Fortune Thief in the SB next time

My next constructed outing will probably be after PC comes in, I’ll probably just tweak this deck. And try not to be sweaty so that my lands stick together and I have to mulligan four times.

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