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8-Man Drafts on MTGO

One of the nice things about Magic: Online is the concept of “Nix Tix”. Basically, for a few days during holidays, 8-man drafts no longer require the usual 2 tickets to play. You simply need the product used for the draft (3 booster packs) in order to join an 8-man draft. And since the payout is also in booster packs, distributed as 4-3-2-2, you can basically keep playing 8-man drafts for free as long as you get at least two wins per draft.

I just finished the fourth draft off an initial 3-booster pack (12 dollar) investment, so I basically got 13 packs for the price of 3. I finally lost in round 1 of draft 4. It’s addictive, I think I’ll play some more!

(Nix Tix weekends are a bit hard on my credit card… )

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