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What a long, arduous journey it has been for Roland of Gilead, last gunslinger, in his inexorable quest for the Dark Tower. And now that I've read the final volume of Stephen King's magnum opus, I find out that it is an even crueler fate that awaits him at the end of the seven books.

I dare not spoil it, though Wikipedia has a nice summary, say thankya. Save to say that Stephen King seems to be correct -- the ending of the Dark Tower series does seem to be the "correct" one, despite some disappointments in writing.

All in all, the Dark Tower series remains an incredibly good read, and Stephen King is admirable for having completed the epic story over a more than twenty-year period. People often know King as the "guy who writes those creepy horror stories", but the Dark Tower series shows his bent is really towards a type of dark fantasy. I wish I had time to read his other novels, as many of them tie up with the Dark Tower story itself.

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