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Smallville, Season Six

Yeah, Season Six started last week. The ending of season five was pretty bleak – Zod had taken over Lex Luthor's body, Clark had been banished to the phantom zone, the whole world's power grids had been shut down and Martha Kent and Lois Lane are on a plane that's about to crash. I was expecting some sort of multi-episode saga at the start of season six, maybe detailing more of Kyrpton's history (throught the phantom zone) and an epic battle of Zod-Lex vs Clark.

Instead, what do we get? A series of somewhat-badly-written-and-quite-unlikely coincidences gives the humans a chance to save their world, short Dragonball-style battle sequence and an inane homage to the ending of Superman II. Seems they tried to pack too much into one episode. And at the end of it all, we seem to be right back at the status quo of season five. (More or less) I wonder how the people of the world are going to explain away the bizaare happenings that day?

I hope I did not spoil anything for anybody. Anyway, rumor has it Green Arrow appears in this season. Huh? Come on… if we were going to have a wealthy playboy / superhero appear in Smallville, why not a certain Dark Knight?

The most annoying thing about Smallville is that Clark is basically an anonymous hero, he never gets the hero's payoff, never gets the girl, is never recognized for his efforts save for those few souls who know his secret. Of course, that's how comic-book Clark Kent gets treated as well – but he has an iconic and well-loved alter ego to soak it all up.

My brother has told me that he has heard a few good things about the new NBC series Heroes. Maybe I'll take a look at it. Since this is probably Smallville's last season, I'll need some more superhero hijinx.

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