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Quick Impressions on Some DS Games

Mario Kart – it’s Mario Kart! Yay! Although we now have six DS owners at the office, we haven’t yet had time to pull off a six-player race. I’m pretty sure it will be insane though.

Brain Age – mildly nerdy, strngely addictive. It’s not so much a game, more of a series of mental training exercises. Too bad the speaking portion doesn’t easily recognize my voice (and/or my accent)

Pac Pix – the sort of innovative game we should be expecting from Nintendo. Draw Pac-man using a stylus to catch the Ghosts. The sort of thing you wouldn’t be able find on other platforms

Bomberman – another classic multiplayer game

New Super Mario Bros. – haven’t played the main game much, but has a bunch of cool minigames that are especially fun multiplayer

Mario and Luigi, Partners in Time – this is the one I’m currently playing regularly. Nice Mario-style adventure-RPG. I’m told it’s a sequel of sorts to their GBA adventure, but I wouldn’t know. As far as I can tell, the only action in the game is “jump”!

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