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Yesterday at NG Galleria. My record for this event was 4-3, running B/G with red splash. I initially thought red was very weak in TS limited, but as I got to the end of the tourney I found myself splashing more and more red cards. Bogardan Rager in particular I underestimated.

At least I can somehow feel my skill level improving. There’s this guy who’s beaten me two tourneys in a row now, both with edge-of-the-seat wins decided in a single turn. I found out later he’s currently in the top 10 limited players in the country by ranking. All 3 of my losses were against highly-ranked guys, and all went to a close game 3. I suppose there’s some minor differential in skill that I’m lacking before I could handle these guys and consider myself rising out of the mid-tier. I feel that I made a lot fewer play mistakes this time and that I can improve significantly in deck construction. Some more experience would help, and maybe I’ll do a few sealed decks on MTGO when the time comes.

Anyway, I finished 31st (best finish I made in a PTQ) and won one pack!

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