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_Heroes _is a new TV series by NBC, covering the stories of several people who mysteriously gain superhuman powers. I just saw the pilot… it looks promising. There’s this lady who strips online for a living, and apparently she has a murderous reflection. A guy who thinks he can fly. A painter who can create paintings of future events – but only if he’s high. A schoolgirl with an incredible healing factor. And my favorite – a Japanese guy who wants to be a superhero and believes he’s gained the ability to bend time and space. He’s “Super Hiro”!

The pilot’s style of rapidly shuffling the scenes between the protagonists turned me off a bit… but I suppose it’s only because there’s nothing linking their stories yet. At least not much. I’ll follow the show in hopes it’ll turn out good.

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Comment by peng on 2006-10-05 22:08:39

supah hiro is my favorite too! i love how he nonchalantly explained that he “teleporto” to NY like “star trek” when interrogated by police.oooppps… just realized you’ve only seen the pilot. so i guess this is a sorta spoiler.

Comment by Roy on 2006-10-06 14:51:05

Lol… NP, I already have the second ep here, just haven’t had time to watch it yet.

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