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Played four 4-man drafts last night, opening 2 boxes.

Some interesting draft archetypes:

  • White Weenie – easy. If you get a Celestial Crusader early this is a good choice.

  • Black Weenine – a bit tougher, you have to get a bad moon early

  • Slivers – W/U combinations focus on board lock down and pinging to win. R/G combinations focus on acceleration and beatdown.

  • Thallids – tedious and slow. Don’t do it. If you keep getting passed Sporesowers it may be viable, or if you open an early Thelon. The Thalld Shell-Dweller is an excellent early blocker. The Deathspore Thallid is ok.

  • Blue morphers – I did this in one game, I think I got one of each nonrare blue morpher. Fledgling Mawcor gives you board control, Fathom Seer gives you card advantage, and Brine Elemental locks the opponent down for a turn, allowing the alpha strike. Consider this if you get Vesuvan Shapeshifter early, but you might need to splash a second color for more control.

Red seems the color that’s hardest to stand alone with, but is easily splashable.

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