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Will Lend Money For Food

About a month ago, one of the devs at my company approached me with a personal concern: he needed to borrow some cash. Quite a bit, actually, for some expensive medical / family reason. Large amount, six digits (in pesos), roughly two-thirds of my current cash savings (To save you the math… my cash savings were somewhere between 150,000 and 1.5M). Funny thing is, I didn't hesitate a bit. I knew this guy and he was okay, I didn't have any reason to doubt he'd pay me back in a month like he promised (it's due in about a week.)

Am I insane? Who lends out that amount of money just like that? Since I try not to borrow large amounts of money myself I have no idea. I told a couple of people later that I was lending out a large amount and they were like “Well I'm sure you considered it very carefully.” No I didn't!

It's not that I regret the decision of course, I'm pretty sure I'll get my money back and I got to do a good deed. But it made me realize how much of my decision-making is still based on impulse and first reactions. Not that it's a bad thing mind you.

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