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Time Spiral Prerelease -- Sweet Victory!


Haven't won a prerelease shirt since Odyssey, but I successfully won four edge-of-my-pants matches to take home the coveted prerelease-shirt-that's-always-two-sizes-too-small-for-me-anyways! Man... one would think they would have shirts bigger than XXL. Lots of husky guys play Magic in the Philippines.

Anyway, yeah 4-0, running a blue-white aggro-control. I opened awesome cards -- Ancestral Vision, Lotus Bloom, Ith, Teferi, Whispers, etc. I was a bit worried that going UW would be a bad idea since I didn't have access to either R or B for removal, but seems it was the right decision all along.

Lots of people played at the prerelease yesterday, at least ten flights were booked. Awesome! Everybody plays at prereleases, and the atmosphere is really casual. Being in the first flight also means everyone's excited to open their packs and check out the new cards!

Hopefully, this win marks the start of a really good limited season for me. πŸ˜€

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