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Emerging From The Darkness

Like a howling banshee, typhoon Milenyo tore through most of Metro Manila last Thursday, leaving chaos and devastation in its' wake. The Philippine Star's headline was most apt: ‘Milenyo' shuts down Metro. Literally. Most places in Luzon lost power before noon of Thursday, owing to ravaged electrical transmission lines and substations. As of last night, at most 60% of areas have had power restored. Luckily it included both my place of work and place of residence, as losing access to electricity makes me feel like a peon in the dark ages. I wonder what peasants did back then after nightfall, how did they while away the hours without internet connections (okay, and TV too)

Speaking of internet connections, mine came back up just now, allowing me the luxury of catching up on a few blog posts before coming in for work. Despite the conditions, I was at the office up to almost 4 in the AM today, and I'm coming back for more. Typhoons don't just do hundreds of millions of pesos in property damage; lost schedules that have to be made up undoubtedly make up another huge casualty of nature's devastating wrath.

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