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I came home at 3am yesterday after a long day at work Saturday. I was a bit sleepy, but because of work I wouldn’t be able to play in the Coldsnap-standard Magic tournament on the 26th, so I decided to blow some cash by playing in a Coldsnap release event on MTGO instead.

I managed to win five consecutive rounds of Coldsnap sealed, piloting a mediocre decklist. Mediocre meaning I had neither Adarkar Valkyrie nor Ohran Viper. Nonetheless, I got lucky at just the right times, and made quite a few good plays. Vanish into Memory is awesome, especially with Panglacial Wurm.

Around 8am I was struggling to keep myself awake awaiting the sixth round when we got a short power failure. Power came back up in ten minutes, but my internet connection did not. That pissed me off. Since I’m also going to the office this afternoon, I have no fuirther chance to win the CS release championships. I think I’ll lay off Magic until the Time Spiral prerelease.

Mike, if you read this, are we buying a TS box?

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